About us

The URBAN ART WEEK was developed by Katia Hermann and Jochen Küpper in connection with the formation of the Kreis der urbanen Szene (“urban scene circle”/ www.urbanvisit.org ). Meanwhile we are a five-person team with a great passion for Urban Art. If you have any suggestions or ideas, just send us an email!

The common roof of the URBAN ART WEEK remains free of advertising.

Since the format does not currently receive any public funding, an attempt is being made to find private sponsors for individual program items. An initial budget for material and advertising was provided by Jochen Küpper (Urban Affairs Festival) and Diana Marossek (Street Art Berlin). The film program in the City Kino Wedding / Centre Français was developed by Katia Hermann and Guy Weladji from Paris (www.manufacture111.com), made possible by the kind support of the Governing Mayor of Berlin within the framework of the city partnership Paris-Berlin.

We thank our production partners Pinguin Druck and Kulturplakatierung for the great support!

We would also like to thank our media partners visitBerlin, Zitty, ASK Helmut and Urban Present!

Katia Hermann

coordination program / film program

Katia Hermann is German-French and studied art history and cultural management in Paris www.katiahermann.com. She has worked as a freelance curator, trilingual author and cultural manager since 1998 and has lived and worked in Berlin since 2001. She worked as a representative production manager at the ARTE Berlin office, writes and gives guided tours of Urban Art in Berlin. In 2017 she received a research grant from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe on Urban Art in Berlin and curated the photo exhibition SORRY! on Berlin Graffiti Writing in June 2018 for Berlin Art Bang e.V. together with Mark Straeck.


Dr. Diana Marossek

Production Management / Art in Urban Space

Dr. Diana Marossek studied business administration with a focus on media studies and is a doctor of philosophy. She has been working as an independent entrepreneur in Berlin since 2008, where she developed her passion for her profession and founded Platform Street Art Berlin www.streetartbln.com. This is where the broad spectrum of Berlin’s street art scene can be found, and there is also a close partnership with London. Street Art Berlin is the subject of artistic commissions, as well as articles and a documentation of the urban art scene. Furthermore, many exchange projects with European partner countries take place here.


Stephanie Fenner

Social Media / Supporting Program

Stephanie Fenner studied Sinology, East Asian and European art history in Hamburg, Heidelberg and Chengdu (China). Her focus is on contemporary Chinese art and urban art. It investigates current trends and developments in non-profit project spaces and alternative exhibition spaces in the Asian region. She is active in various projects and initiatives dealing with art in urban space: Gängeviertel e.V. Hamburg, Metropolink Festival Heidelberg http://www.metropolink-festival.net, Art van Demon e.V. Heidelberg, Unkraut Kollektiv e.V. Berlin.


Jochen Küpper

Public Relations / Supporting Program

Jochen Küpper studied media management in Cologne and moved to Berlin in 2007. There he developed with his agency RIOTarts the art festival Urban Affairs 2008 and 2009 www.ubanaffairs.berlin with a focus on Urban Art. From 2009, the second festival developed into the international cultural location STATTBAD Wedding www.stattbad.net, where he was managing director of the culture and studio use department until its closure in 2015. 2013 – 2014 he developed the cultural festival Wedding Moabit www.kultur-mitte.de and gained experience in the field of subsidy consulting at Kulturprojekte Berlin. Since 2014 he has been a volunteer at the Skateboard Museum e.V. and is spokesman for the Urban Art working group. In terms of cultural policy, he is committed to the greater recognition of urban art and the sustainable promotion of the street art and graffiti scene.


Marco Lauber

Assistant Production Management / Graffiti Culture

Marco Lauber comes from East Berlin and has been involved with urban cultures since 1988, focusing on international cultural exchange and cultural education for 10 years, where artists*from urban cultures (street art, graffiti, breakdance) meet and work together (in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Cuba, Switzerland, France and Poland). Marco has been involved in the Graffiti Lobby Berlin since its foundation and participated in the Graffiti Congress in 2014. www.berlin-massive.de includes numerous artists*who are at home in urban cultures, as well as companies from the cultural industry and non-profit organizations.