The Zwitschermaschine was founded in 2013 by Stephan Kruhl and is supported by Kulturpark 3000 e.V. and Second Collective e.V. The objective of the gallery is to display artworks that deal with the occupation of public space, urban space, architecture. “Einen Tag lang für immer” is the second exhibition that Denis Leo Hegic and Michelle Houston have curated in the gallery, following “ZIMMERFREIheit” the solo show by Carolina Amaya, where a love hotel met the art market, with Berlin’s craziest hotel room; an art show by day and a bookable hotel room by night.


Ein Tag lang für immer

06.09.-12.09. // 12 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Berlin Art Society presents:

“A photographer, a writer and a calligrapher come together in a collaborative exhibition under the direction of the bravest Berlin curator couple Denis Leo Hegic and Michelle Houston. “One Day Forever” begins on August 16th and ends on September 12th 2018 in Berlin’s Galerie Zwitschermaschine.
Manfred Weber is the photographer. A flâneur too. With his camera he captures transients of street life in Berlin. His two photographic works were the inspirational starting point of the Storyteller exhibition and the trigger for the creative chain reaction. Two photos of Manfred landed in the hands of Nora Linnemann.

Nora Linnemann is the writer. Their language is sharp, racy, precise and fast. Inspired by Weber’s two photographs, Linnemann wrote the short story “One Day Forever”.

Paris judgment is the calligrapher. He took Linnemann’s story and wrote it down in pictures throughout the exhibition space. On the floor, walls and ceiling – including the two photographs by Weber.

Weber, Linnemann and Parisurteil thus created a Gesamtkunstwerk together, which is both a photo, as well as a short story and calligraphy. They turned image into word. And words in pictures. A true artistic perpetual motion machine.

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The curators of the exhibition, Denis Leo Hegic and Michelle Houston, tell the story of transformation and retransformation from image to word. An exhibition that says more than a thousand words.

She: a former agent of Christie’s, Victoria & Albert Museum and Sir John Soanes Museum, who has taken the Berlin art scene by storm with Schirm, Scharm and Queen’s English.

He: the eponym of the Berlin urban art movement “Wandelism” and curator of the Monumenta in Leipzig and the Neues Museum für zeitgenössiche Kunst in Taipei.

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Berlin Art Society