Ben´s Wildstyle Shop – Sprühlinge e.V. –  has been the urban place where graffiti has lived and been shaped since 1991. Not only the old masters Loomit and Daim went shopping here, also today’s big names learned their first steps into the world of graffiti culture here. In 1993 Ben laid the foundation for today’s brands such as Molotow, Montana, etc. with his then worldwide first graffiti spray can “SparVAR Tuff Colors” from writers for writers.

The Wildstyle Shop has been a family business since the beginning, managed by the Berlin graffiti writer BEN ONE and was early an institution for many graffiti fans. Here one lives and loves the art of writing and the urban art form graffiti since the beginnings and one notices this with every visit. The shop has its own Hall of Fame incl. Berlin’s first and only Train Wall and invites you to chill out.



08.09. // 11 a.m. -9 p.m.

The event GRAFFITI SPORT is worldwide unique with its graffiti parcour which has to be passed and then sprayed on one of the Berlin subway waggon Atrappe. The event is a family-friendly event and promises a lot of fun for young and old. Here you can meet real graffiti nerds and friends of culture with their kids at the bouncy castle, BBQ stand or in the Heinecken Shisha Lounge to watch the participants with great music.