The SCHAU FENSTER is an art space in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 25 meters wall, 25 meters window front: The name (in English: “showcase”) says it all. Since August 2010, the former showroom for sanitary facilities, features monthly changing group exhibitions of contemporary art. Since then, it has established itself as a forum for quality and communication, for stylistic diversity and interdisciplinary cooperation. Jan “Yaneq” Kage, who heads the SCHAU FENSTER, follows the catchphrase: “Curate the curators!” Thus, he established the space as an interface for various art circles. “Bring them all together,” is the motif behind Kage’s invitation of curators from various areas of the art world. Artists, art historians, gallery owners, musicians – renowned or underground: they have all already put together exhibitions in the SCHAU FENSTER. It’s not the style or the medium that matters. It’s the posture that counts.

Dedicated to diversity, SCHAU FENSTER is also a venue for performances, readings, smaller concerts and film screenings in addition to exhibitions. The opening evenings are accompanied by artist DJs and usually turn into lavish celebrations. The audience consists of all age and social groups. People often come here who would not otherwise have met. In this way, art also becomes a medium that stimulates discussions and make them possible. In 2015 the State Secretary for Culture Tim Renner awarded the space with the Berlin Senate Sponsorship Award for project spaces.


Shout Out Rhymes, Draw Clouds and Lines.

The exhibition “Shout Out Rhymes, Draw Clouds and Lines” brings together five very different positions. This eclectic setting is deliberately staged and follows the formal aspects of the works shown in terms of content, putting them into dialogue. Niels “Shoe” Meulman, from Amsterdam, and Stohead, who lives in Berlin, originally hail from Graffiti culture and made their names internationally as artists who first mastered unconventional Writing before pushing the boundaries of calligraphy into the field of painting. The scripts dissolve both in completely different and unique ways in ephemeral clouds, disappear and become perceptible only in rudiments. Axel Anklam from Berlin and Katharina Trudzinski from Hamburg work as sculptors. Anklam, who was awarded the Berlin Academy of the Arts Prize in the field of sculpture in 2017, is looking for harmony between musical compositions and his steel and epoxy constructions. Trudzinski shows not only sculpture but also murals, which she assembles from wooden strips in bright primary colours. Jessica Buhlmann’s pictorial language knows both the bold and the muted colours and the round, as well as the partly rugged forms. Like the other four exhibiting artists, her paintings are also about finding form and balance. Buhlmann’s paintings sometimes seem to be influenced by the street, but they stand in an abstract academic tradition.

These independent and very different positions are placed in a dialogue of forms and a dialogue of colours at Schau Fenster. Coming from different corners and fields of the visual arts, they all have something to say to each other at the interfaces, finding their own answers to formally similar questions. This broadens the horizon of what can be displayed. Sometimes abstraction is needed to find a clear language. Shout Out Rhymes, Draw Clouds and Lines.

Opening: 7.9. 2018 – 19 Uhr
running times: 8.9. – 7.10. 2018
open: 07. – 09.09. // 15-18:00 h & on request