Yo! Check out SALZIG.Berlin! Since 2015, SALZIG has been developed by the brothers Michael and Stephan Landschütz into a platform for urban art in Berlin Friedrichshain. Everything started with the cooperation with their friend “Mein lieber Prost”. Since then more and more artists have joined. At SALZIG you’ll find art but also stickers, postcards, clothes, prints, books of street art artists.



Group exhibition

Artists: Mein lieber Prost, Dave the Chimp, Flocke Art, Rabea Senftenberg, Haevi, LoveHateLove, Zore, Quint, Skalmo, Fatal, Brechertypen, Gismo, Rude, Angry Koala, Ostfug, Lieb sein, Le Loup, Rolf le Rolfe, f.d.katz, Gerdt, and others…

Special opening hours @ UAW