The Deutsche Oper Berlin is the largest of the three opera houses in Berlin. The building, Bismarckstraße 34-37, in Charlottenburg was opened in 1961 and was a replacement for the Deutsche Oper, destroyed in 1943 on the same site during the Second World War. With 1859 seats, the house in Charlottenburg is one of the largest theatres in Germany. Together with the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Komische Oper, the Staatsballett and the Bühnenservice Berlin, the Deutsche Oper forms the Stiftung Oper in Berlin.


WANDELISM e.V. x Deutsche Oper Berlin presents the Paste-Up Festival 2018

Paste-Up Berlin! Together with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, WANDELISM e.V. will create the largest paste-up gallery in Europe! Artists from all over the world have sent their works to Berlin, including great artists such as Otto Schade (UK), Nafir (Iran) and Mimi Le Clown (France). Come and see the world of paste-up compressed on a 500 square meter wall! The Gallery will be inaugurated on September 1, 2018, during the summer festival of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Admission is free.

from September 1, 2018 to October 30 at the temporary Open Air Gallery at Krumme Straße / corner of Zillestraße in Berlin Charlottenburg. The entrance is free!