Self-presentation Schwarzenberg e.V. / Gallery neurotitan Schwarzenberg e.V., a production site and gallery is dedicated to the promotion of young arts and cultural producers within a lively dialogue with the public. The non-profit’s activities include the operation of the neurotitan gallery and the upkeep of inexpensive studios in Berlin Mitte. The 300m2 gallery areas offer artistic and cultural groups and collectives presentation areas that are low-threshold, sometimes free of charge in an almost entirely gentrified neighbourhood. Applications for exhibitions and projects for the following year are accepted twice annually. Decisive selection criteria are the horizontal group processes and concepts reflected in the applications, which correspond to the mission statements of the association: Critical examination of socio-cultural issues, inclusion and participation are put in the foreground – formats and artistic styles are secondary.

With the background of being a monument itself – the building is a listed building and initiatives based in the building are an institutional part of Berlin’s historical and cultural heritage – is another focal point of the annual gallery program, which presents and promotes forms of “living” memory through interdisciplinary events and exhibitions. The purpose of the association and the lively diversity of the building also open up its social significance: in contrast to its neighbourhood, the Haus Schwarzenberg forms a counterpart to a gentrified Berlin Mitte and sets a clear accent in the socio-economic structural change of the Berlin cityscape for the preservation and strengthening of independent initiatives in the fields of art as well as cultural and political education.


Exhibition “TRADITIONS”

Opening 07.09.2018 / 7 p.m.

Exhibition with Stephan Bontje, Jacco Bunt, Nazif Lopulissa TRADITIONS is the result of several months of artistic debate between the three Dutch artists Stephan Bontje, Jacco Bunt, and Nazif Lopulissa on the question of how images, forms and symbols constitute our cultural and individual identity. At the same time, TRADITIONS raises the question of how these culturally shaped and formative sign systems overlap and stimulate each other across national borders. Inspired and influenced by Rotterdam’s urbanity, the artists continue their research into the signs and patterns on which our visual communication is based in a six-week residency at Galerie neurotitan in Berlin Mitte.


08.09.2018 / 8 p.m.

neurotitan / Courtyard Screening “MEETING POINT: MEMORIAL” Participation in memorial spaces is an important field of action in Urban Art. The aim of the video residency “Treffpunkt: Denkmal” is to explore the commemorative landscape around Alexanderplatz with the help of participatory video art, encourage active collaboration with the art work and to share the end result with the public. The four created short films range stylistically between documentary and experimental formats and will be shown publicly for the first time.


09.09.2018 / 12 Uhr – 20 Uhr

Artists* and city activists* visited various memorials and monuments in the cities of Berlin, Dessau, Kharkiv and Uzghorod as part of the two-month exchange project LIVING MONUMENTS. With urban interventions, the participants* discuss and reflect on representations and the relationship between power and memory in public space. On Open Monument Day, which this year takes place under the motto “Discover what unites us”, the developed works will be shown at Haus Schwarzenberg, which is itself a monument.