After an urgently needed renovation, the historic building will also be available for socio-cultural purposes and will then also fit back into the cityscape in terms of its external appearance. As graffiti art is an integral part of Berlin’s cityscape, as part of the Urban Art Week 2018 program of the Graffiti Lobby Berlin, we will use graffiti on the building and thus pay tribute to it. For this we will organize a graffiti workshop for beginners in the yard of the house.


Graffiti Workshop “Stadtbilder”

08. & 09.08.
13:00 -18:00 h

The project Stadtbilder is part of the Graffiti Lobby Berlin. The Graffiti Lobby Berlin is an open community of interests that wants to actively cultivate and promote graffiti culture in Berlin. We already have practical experience in the field of educational work with young people and have carried out many graffiti projects at various educational institutions. At Urban Art Week 2018, we would like to pass on our expertise and field reports to newcomers and interested parties.

Up to 20 participants
Young people from 12 to 18 years
Adults 50 years and older can participate.

Participation fee young people: 10 Euro
Participation fee adults: 20 Euro