The BrotfabrikGalerie became famous in the 90s with its presentation of Eastern and Central European author photography. In 2011, the curatorial program was expanded into other media – sculpture, painting, conceptual art and spatial installations. 8 to 9 exhibitions per year are showing predominantly younger representatives of contemporary art who represent different directions and dare innovative experiments in this field. The coexistence of established and unknown positions is part of the curatorial concept, wanting in this constellation to show conceptual approaches to contemporary art.
Overall, the special aspect of the concept lies in three program strands that are consistently and continuously pursued: in the focus on the examination of socially explosive topics in photography, the inclusive and interdisciplinary discourse and in the effort to sharpen the scope for formal-aesthetic experiments beyond commercial interests.


Think & Destroy

06. – 09.09.

Street Art at the BrotfabrikGalerie: In his first solo exhibition “Think & Destroy”, the motifs with which Negative Vibes has shaped Berlin’s streets for years, are presented in a new context in the gallery space. Firstly this world of images is influenced by religious motifs, and then again it is noticeably influenced by inspiration from classical film posters, for example for genre films such as Horror and Gialli; but the people who populate this world are always closely related to the artist himself.

daily 12-20:00h

Finissage: 9. september 2018
19:00h free entrance

They are photographed by him in certain, irretrievable moments; these images then serve as the basis for his stencils. To trace people and their view of themselves, the way they see themselves in the world, in the creation of their picture: for Negative Vibes this determines the process of creating his art. Unusual image of metal or concrete tear carries him away from the transience of the street and challenge the viewer’s gaze in a new way.


Negative Vibes